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Are you spending a lot of your time managing your sports team? Wish you didn't need to worry about filling the bench for every single game? ggSport may be just what you're looking for!

Managing a Sports Team can be an extremely time consuming and tedious task. Sending out schedules, finding out who will be at the next game, contacting spare players, notifying the entire team of schedule changes, etc. These are the types of tasks that are automated through ggSport.

Why handle these tasks manually when you don't have to? Sign up with ggSport and let ggSport handle the mundane of team management for you!

ggSport provides the following services:

  • Multiple team management
  • Roster/Team/Organization management
  • Schedule Display and Management
  • Auto email event reminders
  • Auto text event reminders
  • Auto event attendance management

ggSport was originally designed to be used with hockey, but it can easily be used with the following sports:

  • Roller Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball

Really, ggSport can help manage just about any team or organization that meets regularly. If ggSport cannot fill your needs, let us know! We are always trying to improve our site and make user's experiences better.

ggSport is an ONLINE application.

  • All you need is a web browser - nothing is installed on your computer!
  • This site utilizes dynamic HTML in order to enhance user experience through site performance
  • You can start using ggSport RIGHT NOW!

REMEMBER: is completely FREE!

Give ggSport a try. You have nothing to invest other than a few minutes of your time. Just go to the REGISTRATION PAGE, create a user account, and start mananging your team.

We hope you enjoy your experience here at, and find this site as useful for your teams as we do for ours!